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Alberta Book Publishers

Alta Press
A publisher and distributor of academic books in both English and French.

Arnold Publishing
Publisher of books and CD-ROM products for the K-12 educational market.

Company's Coming Cookbooks
These folks publish the best cookbooks with recipes that even a kitchen-phobic person like me can follow.

Edge Science Fiction & Fantasy Publishing
A publisher specializing in trade paperback and hard cover book-length science fiction and fantasy literature. Always accepting submissions. Please visit the website for more information, including submission guidelines.

Les Éditions Duval, Inc.
Publishing primarily French and First Nations learning material.

Lone Pine Publishing
Publishers of natural history, outdoor recreation and popular history guides.

Quon Editions
Books about art and design.

Reidmore Books
Producing award winning textbooks for the K-12 educational market.

Rocky Mountain Books
Publisher of guidebooks to the Canadian Rockies - Banff, Canmore, Jasper and Kananaskis Country.

University of Alberta Press
Academic publisher specializing in Western Canadian titles.

University of Calgary Press
Academic publisher of monographs and academic and scientific journals.

Weigle Educational Publishers
Publisher of Canadian K-12 classroom resources.


Atlantic Canada Book Publishers

Creative Book Publishing
This St. John's, Newfoundland publisher produces Canadian-authored tradebooks. On average, it publishes 10-14 new titles and reprints 8-12 books annually.

British Columbia Book Publishers

Battle Street Books

Works by author and playwright Ernest Langford, featuring novels, short stories and dramas.

Ben-Simon Publications
Publishes Jewish and family themed books.

Gordon Soules Book Publishers Ltd.
Publishers of high-quality non-fiction, including health and fitness, books on peace, how-to books, general Canadiana, guide books and field guides.

Heritage House
Publisher/distributor of books on Western Canadiana and Pacific Northwest subjects.

Horned Owl Publishing
A small publishing company specializing in quality books on Earth-centred spirituality, Aboriginal European religions, and the Western Mystery Tradition.

New Society Publishers
Publishing books that contribute in fundamental ways to building an ecologically sustainable and just society, and to do so with the least possible impact on the environment, in a manner that models this vision.

Oolichan Books
Publishers of literary fiction and poetry.

Orca Books
Publishes and distributes quality books for children and adults. We provide distribution services for several Canadian publishers to the US market and for several American publishers to the Canadian market.

Raincoast Books
Publisher, distributor, and wholesaler (Book Express) specializing in adult nonfiction, illustrated children's fiction and nonfiction, and with adult fiction and biography represented as well.

Ripple Effect Press
A new literary press based in Vacouver, BC.

Ronsdale Press
Specializes in literary titles: fiction, poetry, autobiography, local history, children's literature.

Self-Counsel Press
Publishes business, legal, reference and psychology self-help books for lay people.

Talon Books
Publishes poetry, fiction and drama, as well as non-fiction books in the fields of ethnography and environmental and social issues.

WestPro Publishing
West Pro Publishing is happy to offer a variety of customized options and packages to authors, and for the first time, authors share in the financial rewards!


Quebec Book Publishers

Aquila Communications Limited
Publishers of original French, German and Spanish reading programs for the second language classroom, grades 3 through college.

Publisher of religious (Roman Catholic) books in both French and English.

Lobster Press Limited
Publishing quality books for children in English and French.

McGill-Queen's University Press
Scholarly books and studies in the humanities and social sciences.

Robert Davies Multimedia Publishing Inc.
Publishes nonfiction, children's books, fiction, and how-to books.

Véhicule Press
Since 1973, publishers of fiction, poetry, translations and social history.


Saskatchewan Book Publishers

Publishes fiction and non-fiction books, with international markets

Les Editions de la Nouvelle Plume
Publishers of french-language stories, novels, poems, teaching materials, and other writing forms in order to meet the needs of francophones and the school curriculum.

Purich Press
Publishes books on aboriginal issues, law and Western history.

Thistledown Press
A literary publisher specializing in fiction and poetry for both adults and young adults, with a focus on Saskatchewan writing.


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 Writers Union of Canada
 Association of Canadian Publishers
 Saskatchewan Writers Guild
 Writing World
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Book Publishing Forum

Book Publishing Your book forums and community resources! http://www.bookboardz.com/Publishing-forum-47.html


Book Publishing Your book forums and community resources! http://www.bookboardz.com/Publishing-forum-47.html


Canadian Literary Agents

Tips on Getting and Working With an Agent

Tip #1: Ask questions. Ask more questions. Keep asking questions.

Tip #2: Always ask the agent if they handle the genre you are trying to sell. If not, find another agent. Agents, just as others in the workplace, specialize in what they handle.

Tip #3: National Writers Association offer a reading service and a list of some 15 agents. They also list agents by specialty.

Tip #4: Query any agent what percent of their income is derived from fees for reading manuscripts and what percentage from sales. Beware those whose income is mostly from reading.

Tip #5: Ask for a copy of the agent's contract and read carefully before signing. All agents charge for the work they perform on your behalf.

Tip #6: Selling your work will take time. Calling your agent every other day or even every other week takes time that could be better used in selling your book.

Tip #7: Trying to find out from your agent what editor or publisher is looking at your manuscript (so you may call them) is a definite no-no. Your pleading or angry call will only result in rejection.

Tip #8: Whether you hire an agent or act as your own, costs money. Prepare yourself for this. And remember: good writing is the easiest way to any sale.

Literary Agents in Canada

Use Writer's Net to find an agent.

Canadian Book Awards

The Man Booker Prize
The Man Booker Prize for Fiction represents the very best in contemporary fiction. One of the world’s most prestigious awards, and one of incomparable influence, it continues to be the pinnacle of ambition for every fiction writer. It has the power to transform the fortunes of authors, and even publishers.

City of Toronto Book Awards
A $20,000 prize to the book that best illuminates life in the Canadian city.

The Donner Prize
A (CDN) $25,000 award for best book on Canadian public policy

The Giller Prize
The Giller Prize awards $25,000 (Canadian) annually to the author of the best Canadian novel or short story collection published in English.

Governor General's Literary Awards
Awards outstanding Canadian publications with $10,000 awards. Winners also receive a specially bound edition of their book.

Mr. Christie's Book Award
Mr. Christie makes good cookies, and he makes Canadian children's authors smile with awards totalling $45,000.

National Business Book Award
Canadian award promoting excellence in business writing.

The Roloff Beny Award
A $50,000 award for a photographer and publisher to share for the best book by a Canadian photographer published in that year.

The Sunburst Award
A prized and juried award recognizing excellence in Canadian literature of the fantastic.

The Trillium Book Award/Prix Trillium
An award for outstanding books, in both English and French, by an Ontario, Canada author.

Young Reader's Choice Award
Chosen by the children of Alberta, Alaska, British Columbia, Idaho, Montana, Oregon, and Washington, from books published 3 years previously, and nominated by librarians, teachers and students.

Print on Demand Publishers

1stBooks – This company claims to have made a profit in the past year. They are high priced; but from our understanding, they are one of the best in the business when it comes to timely deliveries and author recommendations.

Aventine Press - This Print on Demand company specialized in printing books in the Spanish language.

Babbage Press – For the author who believes the old adage “I should not have to PAY to be PUBLISHED” this is the company for you. They pay a royalty upon acceptance of the manscript. They are extremely selective because they also operate like a traditional publisher.

Bookbooters – POD books and ebooks. POD books published in partnership with Digitz Inc

Booklocker – This company specializes in ebooks. There is no charge for ebooks. They encourage authors to purchase their own ISBN’s.

Essence Publishing – Religious and other short-run book publishing.

FreedomToPublish– Have just begun their POD services. They offer a-la-carte services and their services levels are based on the length of the manuscript.

ImprintBooks - This POD house offers some great deals. If you have a ready to print PDF file, they will publish for $99.00. Otherwise they charge for setup. We have tried this service and have had nothing but problems. Our files have been lost, our emails unanswered, and we have found the emails from their pre-press service to be very short and unhelpful. However, those who pay for the high end service seem to be satisfied with this POD service.

IndyPublishing– They offer some of the free services regardless of service level. Services for all levels include: the ability to produce work in hardcover; choosing cover graphics; being able to set your price above the suggested price. This service is taken offline occasionally when they need to catch up to the flood of requests that they receive.

InfinityPublishing– The publishing arm of booksontheweb.com; they have a set fee of $400 for all authors. They provide you with a nice print on demand pamphlet explaining all of their services. They also teach the author how to set the manuscript to their specifications.

iUniverse– One of the oldest POD’s around. This company has an affiliation with Barnes and Nobles and is looking to expand in the corporate publishing field. This publisher takes printing rights but lets the author retain electronic rights. The contract period is for 3 years and renewable every year thereafter.

Trafford Publishing – Charges $1399 fee for publishing your book. They do have cheaper rates but the above mentioned price gets you marketing and legal help with setting up your book. Author sets retail price and controls most of the production. They claim their services are very affordable: US$1399 (CDN$1799 - €1199 - £899) for their most complete packages

Virtual Bookworm – They charge low setup fees but you pay for storage per year. They have different service levels and add ons, startingat $250.00

Xlibris – Over the years CanBooks has used Xlibris to publish a number of titles. Unfortunately, Xlibris's performance has been declining over the last year. Our last title to be published through Xlibris is still unresolved. It has taken over 6 months, and we are currently locked in an argument over errors their editor introduced to the text. They now want us to pay for correcting these errors. All we can say is, if you use Xlibris, then VERY carefully check the work they send back to you, Don't assume that the error free document you send them will end up error free later on. Xlibris is also one of the most expensive POD, but they do offer a wide variety of services that are included in their prices.

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