Early Islamic Qiblas

Full color, 308 pages,
Independent Scholars Press
ISBN: 978-1-927581-22-3

New archeological evidence clearly demonstrates that early Islamic mosques were not erroneously oriented as previously thought. Using modern technology and satellite imaging, Canadian historian Dan Gibson has discovered that early Islamic mosques were oriented to four different places. And they are not where Islam expects them to be.

For the first time in history Dan Gibson has undertaken a comprehensive survey of Islamic mosques from the first two centuries of Islam. Using this data, Gibson demonstrates that Muhammad and the first four caliphs all prayed towards a different place! This location was also the focus of their pilgrimage. Gibson believes that Muslims are disobeying their prophet by focusing their prayers on a Black Stone in Saudi Arabia, when the Qur'an commands them to face the original location.

This book contains all of the data behind the documentary film The Sacred City. Viewers of this film can now check the background data for themselves and investigate further arguments that were not included in the film. Complete with hundreds of images, charts, maps and footnotes, this volume clearly challenges traditionally held Islamic history.

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Above: The pages of this book are filled with charts, maps, and photos. Although this book is written for an academic audience, everything is clearly explained so that the layman can easily understand these discoveries and their significance.

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Beautifully filmed in the Middle East, The Sacred City is a detective story that investigates the dawn of Islam, uncovering evidence that is shaking the Muslim world. Using satellite imaging and the latest technologies Canadian historian Dan Gibson has uncovered compelling evidence that challenges traditional accounts of how Islam began.

In this startling and original documentary, writer and historian Dan Gibson demonstrates that descriptions of Mohammed’s original holy city – as detailed in the Qur’an and Islamic histories, do not match that of the Mecca we know today. Then using the Qibla direction of the first ancient mosques, Gibson discovers the location of the original ‘forbidden gathering place.’

This film sets out evidence from within Islamic sources – while also using modern technologies - to track down the biggest secret of the last fifteen hundred years. Gibson not only finds the location of the original Mecca but also provides a convincing argument as to how such a great misunderstanding in Islamic history came about.

While clearly controversial, The Sacred City is respectful of Islam but shows how a deliberate attempt was made to hide secrets that impact every Muslim today. The evidence is compelling and fascinating. In a time when the world’s agenda is being set by Islam, it is important for the origins and history of this world religion to be examined afresh. This is a ground breaking documentary film with world-wide appeal for both religious and secular audiences.

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