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CanBooks is registered in Canada under the Business Names Registration Act, Corporations Branch, Government of Saskatchewan, Canada, entry Number 101002662. It is the property of CanBooks and cannot be used by other firms or businesses in the province of Saskatchewan.

It is also registered in British Columbia under BC Registry Services as CanBooks BC, Business number 82290 0486 BC0001, Corporate Registry FM0578155.

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CanBooks: History, Culture, Peoples

An Independent Canadian Publishing House

CanBooks is a small Canadian publishing house launched in 1991. We have over 60 products that are marketed worldwide.

  • Especially interested in historical research
  • Publishers of historical based games
  • Traditional and electronic publishing
  • Multi-language publishing and distribution
  • Niche publishing and niche distribution

Prospective Authors
Please read our Submission Guidelines to see if your manuscript agrees with our goals and objectives. Fill out the online form, and email this along with an electronic copy of your manuscript (.doc, PDF, or RTF file)...

Submission Guidelines
Please note that Canadian authors will be given preference. CanBooks also upholds a strict moral content code. All of our books are suitable for readers of all ages. Inappropriate language is strictly avoided, and immoral situations are not ...


Several CanBooks titles have done well the couple of years. Our top seller has sold nearly 20,000 copies, with the next book coming in at 9,000 copies.

Helpful links for New Writers
Since most prospective authors are seeking a larger, more general publisher, we are providing a link page to help you locate the publishing house or literary agent of your choice. While we do our best to keep this link page up to date, we apologize for any broken links.

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CanBooks: Niche Publishing. History, Culture, Peoples